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In mid-1999, the original line up for 3LW was formed. Their first singles and debut album were enormous successes. 3LW was showing what girlpower was all about - straight out of the gate. Proving that you have staying-power, though, is a different story.. and Cheetah influence can definitely attack!

3LW News: Adrienne Bailon nude photos - Lots of drama circulating a former 3LW member! Adrienne Bailon (now of the Cheetah Girls) apparently sent almost naked pictures to her boyfriend Robert Kardashian. They were leaked to the internet. Click here to see them, they are NSFW. / Strong rumors that 3LW might release an album by end of 2008 are still circulating..

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Member1: Kiely Williams
Member2: Adrienne Bailon
Member3: Jessica Benson
Hail From: Newark, NJ
Created By: Naturi Naughton (with group from 2000-2002)

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